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Champleve Enamel

A Cannalee cased striking carriage clock with unusual enamelled decoration.  

Arsene Margaine, Paris

A Corniche carriage clock with rare David Keys patent underside wind by this well-known maker.

Rare Enamelled Carriage Clock

A French carriage clock with rare coloured enamel decoration on white ground.

Drocourt, Paris

An engraved Gorge carriage clock with movement by Holingue freres.  

Bovet Freres, Fleurier

A giant engraved carriage clock, with enamelled decoration and striking on both a bell and gong.

Bow-sided carriage clock

A bow-sided carriage clock with decorative dial.
Derval Fine Antique Clocks

Henri Jacot, Paris

A small and rare early ebony cased striking carriage clock attributable to the workshops of Henri Jacot.  

Carriage Clock with decorative dial

An unusual carriage clock with enamelled decoration and blockwork to the case.

Guilmet, Paris

A rare automata lighthouse clock with barometer to the rotating top.

Rene Lalique

Quatre Perruches, A signed glass easel clock.  

Japy Freres, Paris

A relatively early striking carriage clock with an unusual Japy engraved platform.

Carmen, London

A rare pillar barometer with inset clock.  

Guilmet, Paris

A rare windmill automata clock by this well-known maker.  

Drocourt, Paris

A fine grande-sonnerie engraved carriage clock, with subsidiary dials on matching stand.

Carriage Clock with fine panels

A cannalee carriage clock with unusual panels by L. Simmonet in the manner of Fragonard.

Arsene Margaine, Paris

An engraved  Corniche carriage clock with porcelain panels.    

Jacot, Paris

A striking Gorge carriage clock.  

William Dutton, London

An eight-bell quarter-chiming ebonised bracket clock.  

Drocourt, Paris

One of the finest porcelain panelled giant carriage clocks by this maker with full provenance.

Thomas Cole, London

A finely engraved strut clock by this fine maker.

Hunt & Roskell, London

An extremely rare strut clock with moonphase and calender attributed to Thomas Cole.

Panelled Carriage Clock

A Corniche porcelain panelled carriage clock.  

Ottoman Mantel Clock

A very well-executed mantel/carriage clock for the Ottoman market.  

Holingue for Demeur, Paris

A fully engraved Corniche carriage clock with a movement by Holingue freres.

Bovet freres, Fleurier

A giant engraved musical carriage clock with an engraved platform.  
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Antoine Redier, Paris

A rare ships wheel Bollard clock with secret winding.  


The Derek Roberts Collection

Drocourt, Paris

An engraved  Oval carriage clock.    

George Graham Mezzotint

An original mezzotint of the clockmaker George Graham by John Faber.  

McGregor, Glasgow

A fine coromandel boxed chronometer with a Mercer movement.  


An engraved depiction of the clockmaker Pinchbeck by John Faber.