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About Leigh Extence

Leigh   Extence   is   a   third-generation   antique   dealer   based   in   Devon,   just   a   few   miles   from where   his   grandparents   opened   their   first   shop   in   1928.   After   leaving   school   he   took   up a   three-year   apprenticeship   in   clockmaking   &   restoration   with   the   intention   of   learning as   much   as   possible   about   the   workings   of   antique   clocks   as   well   as   gaining   knowledge in   originality   of   the   movements,   cases   and   dials.   Having   finished   his   time   he   was   offered the   position   of   Manager   &   Assistant   Buyer   of   the   Antique   Clock   department   within Harrods   in   Knightsbridge   where   he   met   with   a   number   of   well-known   collectors   and dealers   and   advised   in   the   purchase   of   clocks   for   the   department.   After   a   couple   of years   in   London   Leigh   was   asked   by   the   well-known   leading   horological   dealer   &   author, Derek   Roberts,   to   take   on   the   role   of   his   right   hand   man   and   manager   in   Tonbridge, Kent.    Whilst    working    with    Derek    he    travelled    extensively    abroad    dealing    &    advising various   collectors   and   institutions   as   well   as   helping   in   the   set-up   of   a   number   of   the well   known   'Derek   Roberts'   exhibitions.   It   was   at   this   point,   catching   Derek's   infectious enthusiasm,   that   Leigh's   interest   in   research   really   took   hold   and   he   now   has   a   library   of over   one   thousand   books   on   horology   with   which   to   turn   to   in   his   various   roles.   A number   of   years   later   a   change   in   direction   saw   Leigh   move   back   to   Devon   where   he opened   his   own   showroom,   having   undertaken   a   number   of   exhibitions   and   lecture tours   in   Zurich.   In   2015   Leigh   closed   the   main   showroom   deciding   to   deal   with   clients   by appointment,   with   an   office   in   Exeter,   whilst   leaving   more   time   to   concentrate   on   finding exceptional pieces from around the world and allowing more time for research. Leigh   is   also   in   demand   as   an   horological   consultant   and   for   a   number   of   years   was   the specialist,   and   sometime   presenter,   on   the   BBC's   'The   Antiques   Show'.   He   is   currently the   antique   clock   consultant,   valuer   and   cataloguer   for   leading   provincial   auctioneers 'Bearnes,    Hampton    &    Littlewood'    and    is    a    partner    in    the    Fine    Art    Consultancy    & Valuation firm Ashtons. As   an   avid   writer   Leigh   supplies   a   number   of   newspapers   &   magazines   with   articles   on antique clocks and other subjects allied to the antiques trade. In    2004    Leigh    was    proud    to    be    elected    a    member    of    the    Worshipful    Company    of Clockmakers being raised to the Livery in 2005. Leigh   Extence   has   a   particular   interest   in   the   carriage   clocks   &   life   of   Henri   Jacot   and   his family,   and   has   spent   a   number   of   years   researching   this,   using   source   material,   with   the view   to   publication.   Much   of   what   has   been   unearthed   is   new   material   and   adds   to   the history of this great maker, his brother Julien and his nephew & successor Albert. Alongside    this    research    he    is    also    now    undertaking    similar    work    on    that    of    Pierre Drocourt   and   his   son   Alfred;   carriage   clock   makers   working   in   Paris   at   the   same   time   as Jacot. All   clocks   offered   for   sale   having   been   chosen   for   their   originality,   condition   and   appeal. All   have   been   fully   restored   to   the   highest   standards   and   come   with   a   two   year   working guarantee   along   with   a   Valuation   for   Insurance   and   details   of   the   research   undertaken on each particular piece.
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Leigh   Extence   is   a   member   of   the British   Antique   Dealers   Association; one    with    the    highest    criteria    for membership   and   which   adhers   to   a strict code of conduct.