Derek & Valerie Roberts Following the retirement of Derek Roberts, it is with great pleasure that Leigh Extence has taken over the running of Derval Antiques, which is being run alongside his own long-established business, Leigh Extence Antique Clocks. As at February 2018 the clocks are being re-photographed and descriptions updated with completion due by mid-March. With further clocks to be added as they come through restoration. Derek and Valerie Roberts have been dealing in antique clocks for over 40 years, having opened their world- renowned showrooms in Tonbridge, Kent in the early 1970s. During that time they have had many fine and rare examples pass through their hands. Derek was a pioneer in the production of dealers catalogues and has written a number of authoritative books on the subject of antique clocks, including the three volume set on Precision Pendulum Clocks and it is no exageration to suggest that Derek Reborts became the most high- profile and recognised name in the antique clock business. Further Clocks are available to view at Any queries please do not hesitate to get in contact. Leigh Extence is a specialist in fine antique clocks having worked alongside many of the worlds leading dealers, collectors and institutions. To read a more comprehensive biography click on the link above. As well as a dealer Leigh operates as an independent horological consultant and has worked as both a researcher & presenter on the BBC magazine programme, The Antiques Show as well as writing for many national publications. He is a world authority on the carriage clocks & history of two of the leading Parisian makers of the 19th century; the Jacot and Drocourt families, with the research into both on-going. In 2004 Leigh was elected a Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Clockmakers, being raised to the Livery the following year. Leigh Extence is member of the British Antique Dealers Association. A large part of the research that I publish alongside the clock information, especially with regard to carriage clocks, is freshly sourced by myself and therefore previously unknown; in some cases having taken years to gather and verify. I am of the belief that knowledge should be shared, but I would kindly ask that any of my research details used elsewhere bears an acknowledgement to this effect.
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